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  • FDA to Decide by June on Future of COVID Vaccines

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    April 6, 2022 – The next generation of COVID-19 vaccines should be able to fight off a new strain and be given each year, a panel of experts that advises the FDA said Wednesday. But members of the panel also acknowledged that it will be an uphill battle to reach that goal, especially given how […]

  • FDA Authorizes Fourth COVID Doses for Many Americans

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    March 29, 2022 — The FDA said Tuesday that it approved fourth doses of COVID-19 vaccines for many Americans to protect the most vulnerable people against severe COVID-19 illness, hospitalization, and death. According to an FDA news release, anyone over 50, and people over 18 who have gotten a solid organ transplant or have a […]

  • For Millions, the Pandemic Isn’t Over: ‘We Are Indeed Stuck’

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    March 7, 2022 — As many people in the country prepare to ditch their masks, mingle more closely, and return to “normal,” not everyone can board that train. People who live with diseases or take medications that make their immune systems not work as well to protect them from infections are still at risk from […]

  • A Call to Address Health Inequities Now, Before Next Pandemic

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    March 4, 2022 — With new cases of COVID-19 continuing to fall, this could be the time to focus on making sure everyone has equal access to vaccines and other drugs before the next public health emergency. The coronavirus pandemic, now in its third year, saw major issues develop around equal access to diagnosis, care, […]

  • Supreme Court Blocks Biden Vaccine Mandate for Businesses

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    Jan. 13, 2022 — The U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday blocked President Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate for large businesses but said a similar one may continue while challenges to the rules move through lower courts. The vote was 6-3 to block the large business mandate and 5-4 in favor of allowing a similar mandate for […]

  • Supreme Court May Back COVID Vaccine Mandate for Health Workers

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    Jan. 7, 2022 — The U.S. Supreme Court appeared to agree Friday with the federal government that it is within its rights to require health care facilities that accept Medicare or Medicaid dollars to vaccinate workers against COVID-19, but justices seemed more skeptical that the government can order other large businesses that they must require […]

  • CDC Panel Recommends Pfizer COVID Boosters for Ages 12-15

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    This story was updated at 8:09 p.m. Jan. 5, 2022.  Jan. 5, 2022 – A CDC advisory panel today recommended that 12- to 17-year-olds in the U.S. should get the Pfizer COVID-19 booster shot 5 months after a primary series of vaccinations. The CDC had already said 16- and 17-year-olds “may” receive a Pfizer booster […]

  • FDA Authorizes Pfizer Antiviral Pill for COVID-19

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    Dec. 22, 2021 — The FDA on Wednesday granted emergency use authorization for a new antiviral pill to treat people with symptomatic COVID-19. Pfizer’s ritonavir, name brand Paxlovid, can now be taken by patients ages 12 and up who weigh at least 88 pounds. The antiviral is only for people who test positive for the […]

  • In COVID Battle, Omicron May Outrun Delta, Experts Say

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    Dec. 3, 2021 — The genetic changes found in the new Omicron variant show that it could be passed more easily from person to person than Delta, according to the latest threat assessment from the United Kingdom’s Health Security Agency, which has done some of the best and fastest analyses of coronavirus variants in the […]

  • New COVID Variant ‘Cause for Concern,’ Not Panic

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    Nov. 29, 2021 — President Joe Biden said Monday that available vaccines are expected to provide some protection against the new Omicron COVID-19 variant, and federal health officials are working to gather more information on its potency before the first cases are detected in the United States. He was accompanied by top infectious disease expert […]