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  • Surgeons, Who See It Up Close, Offer Ways to Stop Gun Violence

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    June 2, 2022 – Trauma surgeons are in the tough position of seeing victims just after gun violence across the United States, and they have some advice. Their strategies can work regardless of where you stand on the Second Amendment of the Constitution, said Patricia Turner, MD. “Our proposals are embraced by both gun owners […]

  • Donald Trump’s Chant Of Uvalde Victims’ Names At NRA Rally Curdles Critics’ Blood

    Donald Trump's Chant Of Uvalde Victims' Names At NRA Rally Curdles Critics' Blood

    Former President Donald Trump’s mangled recitation of the names of the 21 Uvalde, Texas, mass shooting victims at the National Rifle Association’s convention on Friday made Twitter critics’ blood run cold. The names of the 19 children and two teachers, broken up into hardly recognizable syllables in Trump’s stumbling pronunciation, were interspersed with the funereal […]

  • Guns Now Leading Cause of Death for US Children

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    April 22, 2022 — Gun violence has become the leading killer of youth in the United States, rising by nearly 30% between 2019 and 2020. In 2020, 4,357 children age 1-19, or about six in 100,000, died from a gun-related injury, the researchers report, slightly exceeding the number for auto accidents (3,913) and greatly exceeding […]