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  • US-built EV batteries, and California’s monkeypox emergency

    US-built EV batteries, and California's monkeypox emergency

    The news: The US Senate Democrats released a bill last week that could significantly cut the country’s carbon emissions. One of the bill’s key components is an extension of electric vehicle tax credits, which are designed to help push adoption of EVs by giving buyers $7,500 credit towards purchasing a qualifying new electric vehicle, or […]

  • How a Boston startup wants to make steel greener

    How a Boston startup wants to make steel greener

    In the days after the US Supreme Court overturned the constitutional right to abortion, tech companies rushed to show their support for employees living in states where the procedure is now outlawed. Meta promised to pay expenses for staffers who need to travel out of their home state for an abortion. Alphabet, Google’s parent company, […]