MzGee curses whoever leaked T.T’s audio after revealing she only sent it to Dr Bawumia’s office

MzGee curses whoever leaked T.T's audio after revealing she only sent it to Dr Bawumia's office

I reached out to somebody who knows somebody in the Vice President’s office to ask questions about what T.T’s claim is and this person in the Vice President’s was vividly worried,” she said.

MzGee detailed that the person wanted to hear how T.T spoke about his concerns, therefore, she had to send the voice note to the person and she shockingly, she heard it on the radio later when she came back to Ghana.

In the video above, she adds that the person also denied sharing the audio with anyone else.

In a new post on her Instagram page this, she decided to send out a biblical curse to Gideon Boako who is the aide of Vice President Dr Bawumia. ” I know this won’t trend as the previous but I am grateful T.T believes me!

She continued that “now, my final words on this TT saga! If Gideon Boako of the Veep’s office circulated that voice note sent to him in confidence, may my covenant with the altar of the Lord, speak! My God has and will never fail me!“.

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