American U of Beirut Warns of “Imminent Disaster” at Hospital

American U of Beirut Warns of "Imminent Disaster" at Hospital

The American University of Beirut issued a press release warning of “imminent disaster” at its hospital “due to the threat of a forced shutdown starting the morning of this coming Monday August 16, as a result of fuel shortages. This means that ventilators and other lifesaving medical devices will cease to operate. Forty adult patients and 15 children living on respirators will die immediately. One hundred and eighty people suffering from renal failure will die poisoned after a few days without dialysis. Hundreds of cancer patients, adults and children, will die in subsequent weeks and very few months without proper treatment.”

The university has been rationing electricity and fuel across campus for weeks but is running out of both.

“The AUB and AUBMC administration considers the Lebanese Government and officials in the Lebanese state fully responsible for this crisis and unfolding humanitarian catastrophe, and for any incident of harm or death resulting from the inability to offer medical care at AUBMC as well as other hospitals and medical services providers in Lebanon who are facing the same reality,” said the release.

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