Texas For-Profit Suspends Enrollment and Furloughs Employees

Senators Promote Partnerships to Boost Affordability

Vista College, a for-profit institution in Texas issued a company-wide suspension of in-person enrollment and furloughed employees across all its seven campuses in the state, KBTX.com reported Tuesday.

Jim Tolbert, CEO and founder of the college, made the decision on August 4th due to enrollment declines related to pandemic, according to the television station.

“We were seeing significant decreases in our school population, and so for the best interest of the students, we decided to suspend enrollment,” Tolbert told KBTX.com. “The reason we did that is to make sure we had all the financial resources at our disposal to make sure the students currently enrolled in school get exactly what they paid for.”

Students already enrolled in the current term will be able to finish out their education, he told the station.

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