WATCH | Police storm KwaZulu-Natal mayor’s home, lawyer condemns ‘police brutality’

WATCH | Police storm KwaZulu-Natal mayor's home, lawyer condemns 'police brutality'

  • Alfred Duma municipality mayor Vincent Madlala’s lawyer says he will take action against police for “kidnapping” his client.
  • Madlala was arrested for defeating the ends of justice and unlawful possession of firearms during a dramatic raid of his Ezakheni home. 
  • His attorney, Justin Heunis, said Madlala was arrested without a warrant during the raid for his two sons.

Justin Heunis, the lawyer for Alfred Duma municipality mayor, Vincent Madlala, has threatened to take legal action against the police for what he said was kidnapping and police brutality following a violent police raid at his client’s Ezakheni home on Friday. 

CCTV footage of the incident, seen by News24, shows police forcefully entering the property before kicking and trampling on the heads of private security guards reportedly employed by the mayor.

Heunis said his client was arrested for defeating the ends of justice and unlawful possession of firearms during a raid for his two sons. 

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His daughter, Sanelisiwe Sinazo Madlala, was arrested on the same charges.

The two were released on R10 000 bail each by the Ezakheni District Court in KwaZulu-Natal on Monday. 

Madlala’s two sons were also arrested and charged alongside three other accused in connection with a separate allegation of a political killing, which took place in September, said Heunis. 

Heunis defended the mayor and her daughter during an interview with News24 on Tuesday, saying they were dragged into the operation.

He said the police raided the home looking for his client’s two sons. 

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“The firearms belong to his daughter because she owns a security company. They charged him [the mayor] because apparently they found a key to the safe containing his daughter’s firearms for the security firm on him. They [police] know that those firearms belong to his daughter’s company.”

Heunis said that, without an arrest warrant, the police charged Madlala for defeating the ends of justice.

“They charge that he refused to allow the police to execute a warrant of arrest for his sons,” said Heunis.

Heunis said the mayor was “kidnapped” and shipped off to Bellair police station in Durban. 

“I will take further action against the police. Some of the guards had to receive treatment. We will take action and expose the police for the brutality on innocent people,” said Heunis.     

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NPA spokesperson Natasha Kara said, as part of their bail conditions, Madlala must report every Friday between 06:00 and 18:00 to the Ezakheni police station, while Sinazo Madlala must report every Wednesday between 06:00 and 18:00 at the same station.

In March 2020, News24 reported that Madlala went on sick leave to attend to his health amid mass protest action in his municipality. Madlala was accused, by the community, of corruption and being involved in taxi violence in the area. 

The matter against Madlala and his daughter will be back in court on 22 October.

Heunis said Madlala’s sons were remanded in police custody after their bail application was postponed.

They will appear in Ezakheni District Court on Tuesday 10 August.

Describing the raid, Heunis said: “They beat everyone in that house. They targeted innocent security guards and confiscated their firearms. This is police brutality.”

KwaZulu-Natal police spokesperson, Captain Nqobile Gwala, said the matter was being handled by the national police spokesperson, Colonel Brenda Muridili.

Muridili could not be reached for comment at the time of writing. Her response will be added once received.  

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